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Search Promotions Limited

Search Promotions Limited was founded in 2004 by Paul Fogg as a separate entity to essentially work on contracts from my friends web design company. Since this time I have expanded to work with several other web design businesses who need a specialised search engine promotions division. In early 2006 I began to build and design web sites for my friends and have diversified this into another aspect of my business, which enables me to control the web site optimising at the early stages to ensure even greater success.

I began my association with search engine promotions almost by mistake having worked on my own web site (in a totally diverse market) and have now progressed to running a successful business in this very competitive market.

As the processes involved in search engine promotion have evolved into more and more complex situations, it has become increasing more important for any web site owner to concentrate on specific policies to ensure their web sites gains the attention and traffic that they deserve. Competition in the world market ensures the goal posts are continually being moved and constant work is required to maintain those hard fought for search engine rankings.

I have been able to devote the necessary time and expertise to my clients sites to ensure these goals are met.

After all, the most important aspect of a web site is normally the usability and sell-ability of the site, but if no one can find the site, it can be wasted money. Search Promotions Limited ensures that a web site achieves the initial goal of the client and aids in the production of an effective and efficient web site.

From 2006 onwards I have been working closely with David Horne in a business collaboration where we have been using our specific skills to combine into a full internet based business which encompasses a complete one stop shop for anyone requiring an internet business solution.



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