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Main Operating systems
December 2010
It is still evident that the main operation system being used is still Windows XP, about 40% of web traffic is still from PC's using this! Windows 7 has already overtaken Windows Vista, but both are still under 10% of PC systems.

Google buys Orion
April 2006
Google has bought a new algorithm developed by a university student from Sydney Australia. Seemingly based on the same sort of algorithm that Ask uses, it may or may not ever be implemented in the Google search engine. Only time will tell if this purchase is significant or not.

Jeeves Retires
February 2006
IAC/InterActive Corp have bought the company, Ask Jeeves, and are dropping the Jeeves name and character from the search engine.

Google Bigdaddy
Jan 2006
The Google Bigdaddy update continues to slowly updating data centres every 10 days or so. Data centres may have slightly differing results so one side of the USA may be getting different results to the same query than the other side of the USA. Not something many people are aware of!

Top Search Engines by Volume of Searches

  1. 60%
  2. 28%
  3. 5%
  4. 3%
  5. 1%
  6. 1%
  7. 0.5%
  8. 0.3%
  9. 0.2%
  10. 0.1%
Source: Hitwise USA

Google's Jagger update nears completion
November 2005
The dust is beginning to settle at the end of Google's latest update. Many changes appear to have occurred during this time, mainly this looks to be with an increased importance on inbound links (one way linking), as well as PageRank and as usual site content.

Google Updates
October 2005
It may be time to once more tweak and update your own site as Google starts another set of updates to their search engine index. There will be many more small Google updates in the future rather than the old large and all encompassing updates of the past.

Ask Jeeves doubles market share
5 March 2005
Internet search engine Ask Jeeves has agreed to buy rival Interactive Search Holdings for $328m (£180m), in a move that will double its market share.
The announcement will turn up the heat on industry leader Google, which last month said it was taking increased competition from Yahoo more seriously.
It also will underpin optimism that the technology sector is recovering.
Ask Jeeves shares surged 40% on the news, with investors saying that the company will now grow more quickly.

Growth engine

The acquisition will increase Ask Jeeves' market share to 7% by adding the iWon, Excite and My Search web sites to its search engine.

MSN Search Goes Live
On February 1, 2005 Microsoft officially launched MSN Search using its own proprietary index. Microsoft's official entry into the search arena was viewed as a positive by industry pundits who advocate choice and competition to drive the advancement of the search industry. MSN Search will, however, continue to leverage its relationship with Overture to deliver PPC advertising. Microsoft has also extended the reach and integration of MSN Search across a breadth of Microsoft assets line Encarta, Music, and News.


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