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Links and Resources

This section has various links and information on resources available, all recommended by Search Promotions.

Keyword analysis
WordTracker - Excellent keyword research tool. This can be a little difficult to use initially, but well worth the time spent in learning how to get the best results from it. Free trial available with registration

Web Design and Hosting
Kehorne Limited -
For a quality web design and reliable hosting service with full backup. Kehorne Limited is highly recommended. Having been in the business before the "bubble bust" in the dot com boom/bust.
SP Hosting - Low cost and reliable web site hosting. The perfect solution for personal and small business web sites.

Link Scanning
LinkScan - A great tool for checking all the links from your site are all current.

The Pay Roll Site - Online pay roll site, great, accurate payroll for the small business.

Directories / Consultants - Consultants Web Directory.