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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How important is it to submit your site to the search engines?
It is essential to submit your site to the major search engines or else all that hard work in getting your site ready and onto the web will be wasted if no one can find it.
In fact, over 80% of all Internet traffic comes from the search engines; and getting your web site listed in ALL the search engines is the most cost effective way to promote your web site. The top 10 search engines have over 150 million visitors each month, increasing by 10% each month.
The bottom line is that search engines & your positioning in them are literally the key to your success on-line.

2. Can Search Engine Optimization really work?
The quick answer is "YES", and it's becoming more important as the search engines become better at giving the user more specific and tailored answers to search query's. To get a good ranking now requires allot more skill and knowledge. The situation changes all the time as the search engines refine the way they rank web pages. To keep ahead of these changes require continual evolvement of your web site. But Search Promotions is committed to providing you with the necessary information and knowledge to gain and keep high rankings.

3. How much traffic to my site can I expect?
This really depends on how important you see your site in terms of your overall marketing campaign. The more effort put into gaining a high ranking the more traffic and sales your site will attract. Search Engine Promotion should become a major factor in your marketing of your site. Search Promotions will help you gain high rankings and traffic as well as advise you of a fuller marketing strategy for your business.

4. How long before I can see my site in the search engines?
There is no set period, but within the first sixty days you should begin to see results from the initial Search Engine Optimization of your site, although some search engines take up to 4 months to look at the sites that have been submitted to them.

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